iPhone 5S and 5C or I Love Gold

9to5mac.com has gathered a number of different reports on the new iPhone.  AllThingsD.com has reported September 10th as the announcement date for the new iPhones.

Here’s a rundown of what is out there.

  • iPhone 5C will be a plastic version of the iPhone 5.  (www.macotakara.jp)
  • iPhone 5C will be available in the same colors as the iPod touch.
  • September 10th is the announcement date. (AllThingsD.com)
  • iPhone 5S will have an A7 processor. (www.macotakara.jp)
  • Slight camera improvements to the iPhone 5S. (www.macotakara.jp)
  • Strong likelihood of fingerprint sensor on 5S. (9to5mac.com)

And the craziest one of all.

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