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Tri-Tone goodness

We all know the sound.  The now famous Apple Tri-Tone message notification.  Even if you’re of the Android clan, you know the sound.  Just like the white iPod headphone, it’s a symbol that says Apple.  Wonder how it came about?

It started in 1998, and came about in 1999.  Yes, 14 years ago.  Here’s an awesome, somewhat geeky post from it’s creator Kelly Jacklin.

Click Here to read it:  How I Created the Iconic iPhone Sound

For your listening pleasure, check out this montage of the other candidates.  You have to love this type of tech history.

iPhone 5S and 5C or I Love Gold has gathered a number of different reports on the new iPhone. has reported September 10th as the announcement date for the new iPhones.

Here’s a rundown of what is out there.

  • iPhone 5C will be a plastic version of the iPhone 5.  (
  • iPhone 5C will be available in the same colors as the iPod touch.
  • September 10th is the announcement date. (
  • iPhone 5S will have an A7 processor. (
  • Slight camera improvements to the iPhone 5S. (
  • Strong likelihood of fingerprint sensor on 5S. (

And the craziest one of all.

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