Google Voice Finally Gets An Update

Finally! For those of us that use Google Voice, we have been longing for an update to the extremely useful service. Today Google has announced via it’s blog, that they are updating the iOS, Android, and web apps for the platform.  This isn’t just a long needed cosmetic update.  Finally, we get features like sending and receiving photos and group chat, making the service even more useful than before.

Google Voice is an amazing free service. I, for one, am quite excited about the update.  If you haven’t tried it, I suggest you do.

Alexa meet Star Trek

Amazon has updated the Amazon Echo to add a new wake word. Much to the happiness of Star Trek fans everywhere, you can now change your wake word to “Computer”. Now you can pretend you’re a member of Starfleet while safe and sound in your home.

Here’s how.

Open the Alexa App
Select Settings
Select Wake Word
Change your Wake Word to Computer and Save.

IMG_1902-1 IMG_1903

My Apple Watch Appointment

Apple Watch — The Experience

New Apple Mac Pro as Bitcoin Miner

There were several posts when the new Mac Pro was announced that suggested it might be the best bitcoin mining machine ever. Admittedly, I have not tested one to get actual numbers, but I’ve done some spec comparisons and here’s what I’ve come up with.

The Dual AMD FirePro D500 processors that come in the midrange configuration of the Mac Pro are apparently comparable to the AMD FirePro W8000 with a few minor differences that probably won’t affect mining performance significantly. Let’s be generous and say the W8000 will mine at 500 Mh/s. Taking into consideration there are two in the new Mac Pro, that gives us a possible mining hash rate of 1 Gh/s. Not bad for an off the shelf computer.

Let’s compare to ASIC bitcoin mining hardware:

Mac Pro with Dual D500 – 1 Gh/s – $4000
Butterfly Labs – 25 Gh/s – $750

The Butterfly labs hardware performance to cost ratio is consistent with most ASIC mining hardware. It appears that you would do better buying a ASIC miner than spending $4000 on a Mac Pro to mine your bitcoins.

Needless to say, I’m disappointed. I wanted to use the fact I could mine bitcoins with my Mac Pro as additional justification to buy one. Oh well.  I guess I need to find another reason.  Maybe somehow it can be turned into a killer Candy Crush machine.

Of course, I could be totally wrong on all of this, so sue me.  If anyone has mined bitcoins with their new Mac Pro, please let me know your findings.  I will publish them here.

Thanksgiving and Past Generations

Let me share one of the joys of our Thanksgiving tradition. Every year, I carve the turkey and serve it on a platter that came over on a ship from England with Angela’s great, great grandparents circa 1875. We always talk about how each generation before us helped form who we are as a family today. I can’t help but wonder how my great great grandchildren will remember us. Hopefully, in some way, our contribution will be a topic of their conversation around their Thanksgiving table. You never know what that contribution might be. I’m sure when Angela’s grandparents traveled to America they didn’t think about the significance of this plain beige unremarkable platter, but that platter puts us at the same dinner table as them each year, a 135 years later. I, for one, am thankful for my family both past and present.

Exclusive Look at Google Barge

Here is an exclusive look at the new Google Barge being built in San Francisco Bay.



Glowing Bunnies: Next Wolverine Bunnies

These rabbits has been tagged with fluorescent proteins causing them to glow. This is an important step in new technologies for tracking diseases.  Clearly it’s the first step towards creating Wolverine Bunnies.


Credit: Turkish Universities and John A. Burns School of Medicine

Tri-Tone goodness

We all know the sound.  The now famous Apple Tri-Tone message notification.  Even if you’re of the Android clan, you know the sound.  Just like the white iPod headphone, it’s a symbol that says Apple.  Wonder how it came about?

It started in 1998, and came about in 1999.  Yes, 14 years ago.  Here’s an awesome, somewhat geeky post from it’s creator Kelly Jacklin.

Click Here to read it:  How I Created the Iconic iPhone Sound

For your listening pleasure, check out this montage of the other candidates.  You have to love this type of tech history.

iPhone 5S and 5C or I Love Gold has gathered a number of different reports on the new iPhone. has reported September 10th as the announcement date for the new iPhones.

Here’s a rundown of what is out there.

  • iPhone 5C will be a plastic version of the iPhone 5.  (
  • iPhone 5C will be available in the same colors as the iPod touch.
  • September 10th is the announcement date. (
  • iPhone 5S will have an A7 processor. (
  • Slight camera improvements to the iPhone 5S. (
  • Strong likelihood of fingerprint sensor on 5S. (

And the craziest one of all.

Waffle Taco!

Waffle Taco….Did you hear me? WAFFLE TACO!

Oh Taco Bell, what would we do without you?

Waffle Taco

Taco Bell Breakfast

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